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Mini Greenhouse

I have seen these wee mini greenhouses pop up on Pinterest and I love them ,I have always wanted to make one.

I had collected a lot of windows when I first bought my house to make a large greenhouse, but then realized how big a job that was going to be , so I kept all the lead light windows that I got for free and put them aside waiting for a project and I gave away all the other windows to who ever wanted them , well they were gone with in the hour so was happy I paid if forward.

Well back to the mini greenhouse , I thought the lead light windows would be good to use.

I love the colors in this window and I had a few other ones with a different pattern.

So my sister rang and said about a table dumped outside her house and did I want it , of course lol

I decided to cut the table up , the top I wanted to use as the base for the greenhouse, the legs I cut down for the roof supports .

Then I added the windows and glued and screwed them in place .

I added some queen Ann legs that I had collected ages ago .

Now I built a roof , I have made it so you can just lift off , as this greenhouse is very heavy

Now it is all done and ready to be used .

I love how it turned out and I put all my new seedlings or cuttings in their :-)

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