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Kitchen Island

This sideboard I was very lucky to get :-) even before it arrived I knew what I wanted to do with it and that was to make a stylish bespoke kitchen island .

This I thought was an absolutely stunning sideboard , it is Oak and would be great for an island as I could use the top for a cutting board .

I will take the wheels off as it made the height to high and they did not have locks , so the island would slide around if in the center of a kitchen.

now to start .

So I gave it a quick sand and then started painting .

I took the back trim off as i had plans for that .

More painting and also a really good sand on the top .

I painted the inside a lovely duck egg to add a bit of character.

And also to give a bit of color.

I also painted the drawer liners , I just diluted the chalk paint so it adsorbed into the velvet.

I added some vintage handles that I had loads of.

After a good amount of sanding using different grits , I then painted the top with

food safe stain.

This is the brand I used but you might find a different one at your hardware store.

Now the final stages .

I had also flipped the trim and added to the back to give some style and to hang utensils.

and you may also notice I added the cupboard doors to the side , adding them on a slight slant , these now will be knife holders .

Lots of cutting board space.

I use this kitchen island every single day and i would not part with it as I love it.

I entered this island in a DIY up-cycle competition in a local NZ magazine, even though I did not win , I still got a mention and I am happy with that :-)

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