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Kitchen Block

I got this set of drawers and they really needed a good tidy up , but I did not want to use it as normal drawers , I wanted it to be useful and decorative.

So I thought what could I make it into.

So thought why not make it something that could be used in a kitchen instead of a bedroom.

So I decided to do a sketch of what i wanted to make it into.

So a few coats of paint , and I took out the drawers and made sliders shelves for the baskets .

added a new handle.

I added trims , so these can slide out easily.

Then to start on the rest .

I painted the inside of the drawer and added some decoupage and dark waxed to protect.

I added a stencil on each side and then started making a butcher block on the top from Rimu that I had.

Then once made I coated with food safe oil , gave it a 4 coats so it is very protected.

Added some vintage brackets to each side to also protect the board edges and I added some dark wax to age the paint and to add character.

Then I was happy with how it turned out :-)

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