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Fancy Wine Bar

Updated: May 8, 2020

This wine bar I wanted to have a lot of fun with , really let my creative style come to life.

I had this bedside drawer for ages and wanted to make something out of it , so it came in handy .

I really like the style of the drawers and the handles were so lovely I did not want to discard them.

So I gave it a lovely coat of Duck Egg and moved the handles to the sides , so the cabinet can be carried easier.

Then the fun started .

I added a vintage stencil and then added dark wax to add character and age. I also added the frame to hold the glasses.

Then I added some decoupage to give it some bling.

This was also aged to add character

Starting to come along nicely .

I added shelves for the wine and also added stick on lights .

I painted the inside and also decoupaged.

After some more ageing then this is the finished piece :-)

Stunning with the lights on at night.

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