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Essential Oil Box

I use to have a nice essential oil box , but when I moved house some how it got thrown in the rubbish pile , very gutted as I had a good collection of oils and some were not cheap.

So Instead of buying another box I decided to make one.

I had left over timber so did not need to buy any.

I first decided what size I wanted to make the box then just taped together to get an idea of what it would look like.

Once I was happy with the size I then glued and put tiny nails in to hold in place.

Then I added some legs I had bought on Ebay .

then added the lid that I had made .

I had also bought some different latches , so I put this one on .

But I decided to use a different one in the final box .

I aged the timber using Annie Sloan Black wax , it aged it beautifully .

I also added some decorative metal corners , I am not sure what they are actually called lol

Now the finished box plus the divider that I had made for it .

I added some symbols that mean Earth Air Fire Water .

I love the aged look of the timber using the wax . I use this box all the time and am building my essential oil collection up again .


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