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Hi my name is Dawn and welcome to my website , I love DIY and creating something new out of something old and no longer loved .

I never had any training in woodwork , I have honed my diy skills by continually learning each time I create a new piece. 

I started small in the beginning having only a small amount of tools to use, but over time I have collected a good amount of tools and power tools, 

My family know I will love a hardware shop voucher over a jewelry voucher any day for an upcoming  birthday.   

I will find a piece of furniture and then create a one of a kind unique piece , I will either sell it or keep it ( I fall in love with all my creations lol :-) 


I am also an artist so most of my up-cycled creations will have a arty style to it .


Once again thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my site :-) 

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